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Supportive Employment

Employment Preparation & Placement Process

Career Exploration Workshop / Employment Preparation

This is a preparation course taught by J & J Family Behavioral Health ’s Job Developer. The workshop provides life-long job skills training. Individuals referred are taught how to determine the right type of job match, how to complete an application, and will learn important interview skills. Each client will also be assisted in developing a resume.

The dress code for this workshop is business casual and punctuality is crucial. Sometimes the information taught in the course is on a 1:1 basis.

You will learn:

  • Interviewing Skills
  • Help with Resume Writing
  • Workplace Presentation and Hygiene
  • Expectations at Work
  • Social Skills at Work
  • Appropriate Interaction in the Workplace
  • Mobility Training in Use of Public Transportation
  • Personal Budgeting, Banking, and Bill Payment

Job Development
Once you have successfully completed the Career Exploration Workshop and Employment Preparation you will work cooperatively with your Job Developer to find a job that is well suited to your likes and abilities. It is important to understand that your job developer does not find the job for you, but helps you find your own job. What this means is that we will work with you to find your own job. We will assist you with your job search, employment leads and current information available positions. Understandably, you’ll have to fill out applications and go on interviews for jobs of interested. J & J’s vocational staff will be fully supportive throughout the job seeking process.

The length of time it takes to find a job depends upon what type of job you are interested in and how many jobs are available in your areas of interest. It is important that you get a job that you like. It sometimes takes a few weeks to find the right job, and in some cases, it may take a few months or longer.

You will:

  • Meet with your Job Developer
  • Look for Job Openings
  • Apply to Good Job Leads

On-the-Job Evaluation
A technique where an individual performs the actual job duties in a real job situation. Performance is supervised and evaluated by the employer in coordination with evaluation and/or CRP staff. There is a predetermined beginning and ending date, the activity is not necessarily intended to result in employment.

Often referred to as a Community Based Assessment.

Situational Assessment
An assessment process for evaluating work-related behaviors in a controlled environment. Although any type of task or situation may be used, real work is most often used in order to ad relevance.

The situational assessment is distinguished from other types of assessment due to the ability of the evaluator to control and vary the task, so a individual can be assessed under a variety of conditions or situations.

Job Readiness Training
Services that prepare an individual for the world of work, includes learning appropriate work behaviors such as grooming, hygiene, arriving to work on time, response to correction, work pace, etc.

Job Search Assistance
Activities that support and assist an individual in searching for and/or obtaining an appropriate job. Job search assistance may include help in resume preparation, identifying appropriate job opportunities, developing interview skills, and making contacts with companies on behalf of the consumer and the counselor.

Job Placement Assistance
A referral made to a specific job that results in an interview

One-the-Job Supports
Support services provided to an individual who has been placed in employment in order to stabilize the placement and enhance job retention. Such services include job coaching, follow-along, follow-up and any specific job retention services requested by the counselor.

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